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Welcome to AVEX

Nowadays audiovisual solutions are used in a wider perspective. They often play an active role in new ways of working and communicating. The possibilities are infinite, from video conferencing to digital signage to projection. This is exactly why AVEX assists you in making the right choices for your audiovisual solution. We do this with great passion and dedication – and have done for the past 25 years.

Expertise in audiovisual devices- and technology

25 years of audiovisual experience. That is what AVEX stands for. It translates into dependable, performance-reliable solutions. We provide each space with the appropriate sound and image to meet, if not exceed, your requirements. AVEX specialists work with proven technologies and are happy to take you by the hand, in exploring the latest audiovisual developments. If you want to buy, or simply just hire, audiovisual devices and solutions, AVEX has expertise in both permanent and temporary audiovisual installations. From our offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK, our 220 employees realise wonderful audiovisual projects on a daily basis. International customers want more control in the international deployment of audiovisual systems and are therefore searching for partners who can facilitate projects across geographical borders. AVEX has facilitated and implemented many of such projects and has, itself, expanded operations and presence internationally in order to service such customer needs. As a partner of the Global Presence Alliance we can guarantee the quality for our customers abroad and serve them better within the global GPA network. 

Curious about the possibilities in audiovisual solutions?

We are happy to guide you in a world full of audiovisual possibilities, and would like to help you in finding the right professional AV solution, both audiovisual rental and audiovisual sales