Smart buildings call for smart monitoring. For real-time information, hands-on service and optimized technology. Preferably continuously.


By using the most appropriate audiovisual solutions, you can make a real difference. That’s something we know everything about. But you want to be able to rely on your resources. Every moment of the day. They must function optimally. Especially at those times when you are dependent on them.

Monitoring revolves around the extended technical lifespan of equipment, increased availability, a reduced risk of malfunctions and, of course, security. It is our ambition to take that to the next level. Monitoring enables us and our customers not only to prevent potential problems, it also makes intelligent buildings even smarter.


At what times can we best save energy? How can we optimise the occupation of conference rooms? How can we realise intelligent lighting? Monitoring produces data. With that data, we can work from ‘behind the screens’ towards optimal use of the available technology.

While AVEX has a reputation for realising innovative solutions, we never forget the importance of continuity. Of quality and reliability. Together, these guarantee an optimal user experience.