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Remote AV Monitoring

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Active monitoring of your AV and IT systems

More than ever, we use technology in our daily work and life. Every building and every space is full of technology. But what if it doesn’t work for a while?
How much time is lost every day due to technical failures? What impact does it has on the work processes? And is the equipment up-to-date and secure?

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Active monitoring

Many organizations need more insight. They want to take the next step in the service process. With Pulse Proactive Services we offer a unique monitoring solution. Helping our customers on the way to proactive service.

How Pulse works

With Pulse we can monitor the performance of your IT and AV infrastructure in real time. Together with you we determine which rooms and which equipment will be connected to the smart Pulse platform, a cloud-based environment. Each connected system will be visible in the Pulse dashboard. From that moment on, the support team can monitor the systems. This way you can identify faults in time, often before the user reports them. A system only works when the entire chain is working. With Pulse we look at the bigger picture, so that we can optimize operation and security.

The dashboard function that Pulse offers across all equipment – regardless of brand and platform – is unique and powerful.

Walter van den Biggelaar, Manager Business Services at AVEX

For small and large environments

Pulse is suitable for smaller environments with a few critical systems, as well as for larger environments with thousands of devices. We can monitor both the equipment in the meeting environment and in the hospitality areas. And also at the workplaces. Pulse provides control over equipment from various ecosystems and manufacturers. After all, we see that audio, video conference and IT systems are increasingly integrated.

Total process

Configuration management and release management play an important role. AVEX provides a fully standardized configuration of equipment. During the lifecycle, the Pulse platform also arranges a controlled rollout of security patches and updates.

Pulse offers efficiency in the total process: >   Standardized equipment configuration   >   controlled rollout   >   trouble-free use     efficient management   >   timely replacement at end-of-life

The main benefits of Pulse

• Reduces incidents and escalations through proactive monitoring.
• Provides an overview via the dashboard, also across ecosystems.
• Visualizes the ``health`` of your IT and AV infrastructure.
• Increases system availability and end-user satisfaction.
• Simplifies budgeting and provides insight into future technology investments.
• Boosts overall efficiency and productivity and reduces costs.

Pulse dashboard

Our support team remotely monitors the status of your systems. They do this from our Facility Support Desk. This is a professionally furnished control room. Specialists are continuously available there. They ensure active follow-up of problems. And they offer direct remote support to users.

The team sets priorities based on impact and agreed response times. The Pulse dashboard provides quick insight into:

  • all devices
  • of all brands
  • and all ecosystems
  • at all locations

More and more devices are linked together. This sometimes makes it difficult to determine the cause of a failure. Pulse helps to make a correct diagnosis through active monitoring. For example, we can see if a malfunction is caused by the hardware. Or because the data does not arrive.

Of course our Pulse service is not a “one-size-fits-all”. It offers a flexible service level. Together we determine the division of roles between your and our team.

Pulse Proactive Services in detail


AVEX provides standardized configuration and controlled rollout of security patches and updates.


Each device that is connected will be visible in the Pulse dashboard. This way we identify problems earlier and arrive at a correct diagnosis more quickly.


Pulse collects performance data. This delivers more insight and efficiency. Finding solutions faster.


Accelerate solutions via remote support or, if this is not possible, by a technician from the field service team or your own on-site support team.


Pulse converts the collected data into knowledge. Reports on the audio, video communication, UC and digital signage systems in use show trends.

For a small amount per space per month you are assured of optimal availability of the systems.

How does Pulse help?

Examples from practice

Pulse offers an enormous wealth of data for support and service employees. Information that helps to quickly diagnose and find a solution. A few examples:

  • A support employee wants to see the fault reports in order of importance.
  • A technical specialist wants to see which software version is running on the device and wants to remotely update the firmware of solutions for new features or security risks.
  • A service employee wants to make a diagnosis remotely. See that a cable is missing or loose. Or reboot a system.

Do you know which malfunction occurs most within your organization? We are happy to help you gain more insight.

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