AVEX achieves Zoom Rooms Integrator Certification


AVEX is now officially recognized by Zoom as a Zoom Rooms Certified Integrator. The Zoom Certified Integrator Program was launched recently to value partners showing a specialization in video collaboration and AV technology.

Zoom Room

Zoom offers a cloud platform for video and audioconferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars. A growing number of AVEX customers have Zoom as their communication tool of choice. They are looking to bring these capabilities into their meeting spaces for group use.

Zoom Rooms are meeting environments featuring video and audio conferencing, wireless content sharing, and integrated calendaring. Zoom Rooms works across huddle, conference, boardroom, training and all-hand spaces so customers can meet face-to-face, give presentations, hold product demonstrations and easily collaborate.

Global partners

AVEX joins several Global Presence Alliance (GPA) partners around the world to design, deploy and manage Zoom Rooms. GPA Global Vendors like Avocor, Biamp, Crestron, Logitech and Shure have certified hardware for Zoom Rooms. Customer-specific Zoom meeting spaces are designed using professional and certified hardware to meet group use needs. These solutions can be deployed to all our customer’s international offices in a consistent matter.