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AVEX provides impactful opening show for Embraer’s international conference


AVEX flies to Lisbon

For the aircraft manufacturer Embraer, AVEX has recently provided an array of audiovisual facilities for a large international conference.  Our Event Facilities team was on site for full AV support during all sessions in Portugal with an impressive opening show as a special.

Together with the Embraer team and President & CEO Embraer Services & Support Johann C. Bordais, AVEX created a tailor-made feature film for this event in which the history of aviation was interwoven with that of Embraer.

In the aviation industry, developments are following in rapid succession. To ensure that the operators of the Embraer aircraft worldwide stay informed of these developments, they organize an annual 4-day congress.

Since the first introduction in 2016 at the Novotel Amsterdam, AVEX have been participating at this traveling event every year as an AV partner. This year, the EPIC SANA Lisboa Hotel was the setting for the multi-day congress.

Impressive opening with digital storytelling

The showstopper was the opening of the congress; where an opening film was shown on an impressive LED wall across the width of the venue. The recordings took place in a green screen studio, making it possible for the President & CEO of Embraer to emerge from a historic Portuguese setting. In his presentation the audience were taken through the transport and aviation history of Embraer. The storytelling was engaging and mesmerized the audience ending in the CEO of Embraer stepping out of the digital display and onto the stage. This received a standing ovation alongside multiple compliments.

A fine example of Digital Storytelling in optima forma!

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