International Symposium of Therapeutic Ultrasound


The 15th edition of the International Symposium of Therapeutic Ultrasound was held from 15 to 18 April and the event took place in the Domkerk church in Utrecht. There were a total of 274 speakers, spread over four days.

ISTU is a non-profit organisation focused on disseminating knowledge of ultrasound. The organisation would like to simplify the translation of ultrasound technology in order to better serve patients all around the world.

AVEX provided the audiovisual requirements for the event. A total of four projection screens were installed in the Domkerk. Their location had to take account of existing fixtures, such as the chandeliers. To optimise positioning, a 3D representation was created first in order to determine the best places for the projection screens.

The Domkerk also had a special speaker ready room, where speakers could upload their presentation onto the network and prepare themselves. By means of six computers connected to a server, the speakers were able to view and amend their presentations. AVEX personnel ensured that the presentations were uploaded correctly onto the network.

AVEX also provided the technology for the auditorium of the Academy Building next to the Domkerk. Rear screen projection was used in the room and the projector was connected to the control. This ensured that presentations from the speakers ready room could also be projected in the auditorium. The sound technology consisted of a number of microphones and The Catchbox, which created more interaction with the speaker and the audience.