Beam Presenter

The Beam Presenter is an efficient representative presentation set that makes your meeting room operational quickly. The set includes suspension, sound, control panel, wall connection and wireless presentation.

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Within this solution we use a fixed projection screen of 111 “, suitable for a viewing distance of 2 to 10 meters. The frame of the screen has a matte black finish and a sloping interior, which reduces shadow formation in the image. By using active speakers, videos or other files with the correct volume are supported. We install a wall connection with an HDMI input. With the HDMI cable a laptop can easily be connected to the presentation screen. It is also possible to present wirelessly through the Barco ClickShare, with a maximum of two devices at the same time. The control will be provided by a simple button panel.

Optional: It is possible to have the projection screen roll up automatically. The operation of this is also done via the button panel.

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