Debate and Voting Systems

An essential condition for meetings is that the participants will be able to understand each other. For larger meeting settings usually a debate system is employed. AVEX is an expert in the field of realising optimum speech-understandability.

Each participating person has a response device at his or her disposal. This is an advanced microphone to be activated by the participant at the moment he or she wants to intervene. The president will at all times have the possibility to take the floor and switch the microphones of other participants on or off as the case may be.

Ease of operation

AVEX ensures that the meeting system will be organised for simple operation. Use of a touch-panel avoids the need for special technical knowledge for operating the system.

Image and Sound recoring

The debate system can easily be connected to a recording device. Coupling to cameras enables automatically zooming-in at the person who has taken the floor. AVEX has equipped a large number of Dutch city halls with these systems.

Module for logo integration

AVEX developed an elegant solution showing the speaker’s name accompanied by a logo. This way the speaker’s com-pany logo or that of his political party may be shown during his or her intervention.

Integration with the venue’s furniture

AVEX pays much attention to a discrete installation of its systems and adaption to the furniture of the venue. When new furniture is used we consult in an early stage with its supplier. We can choose from a wide range of solutions in installing our screens and microphones. We will be glad to inform you about possibilities for wireless debate systems.

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