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Meeting and Presentation Systems

Whether for a small, single-purpose meeting room or a large, luxurious board room, AVEX realises audio-visual solutions to comply with all your requirements in the field of presentations. We equip meeting rooms with audio and video systems, integrating all devices in one single, easy-to-use presentation system. Our key design criteria are high-grade quality and reliability.

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Edison Presentation Set

Often a projection device is used for the display of presentations, movies and information in meeting rooms. To this end AVEX offers the Edison presentation set. The Edison presentation set is an efficient and appropriately blended solution that will enhance the functionality of your meeting room. The set is ideally suited for small and medium sized rooms. The Edison presentation set offers the choice between a solution with a projection screen or an LCD / LED screen. The choice of projector, projection technology and projection screen will depend on the size and lay-out of the meeting room, room lighting conditions and, of course, the customers’ wishes.

Video Conference

If needed, a video-conference system may be installed as a meeting tool. You might want a consultation between two geographically dispersed company locations. Careful implementation of video-conferencing within your organisation will ensure the successful deployment and adoption of this ever popular collaboration tool. Video-conferencing offers the option of dual screens. On one screen you will see your contact person, on the other screen an illustration or explanation of the subject. Of course you may also use dual screen functionality as a local presentation facility when not video-conferencing.

Audio Systems

In order to ensure clear sound performance, many conference rooms are provided with an audio-system. Moreover, sound amplification is often indispensable for larger conference rooms. Sophisticated conference rooms often make use of debating or voting system tools. In such cases each conference table seat location can be equipped with a microphone.

Interactive White Board

An interactive white board is a dynamic presentation tool that offers a large number of possibilities. Interactive white board technology enables you to activate and operate all computer applications from the SMART Board’s screen. By means of the supplied special pens or in some cases your fingers, you may write in digital ink and subsequently save your notes. All notes may be modified, moved, magnified etc. The interactive white board is easy to use and ideally suited for training and brainstorming sessions.

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