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Quarta Meeting Table


More effective meetings with the help of modern technology – that is the idea behind Quarta. This luxury conference table with fully integrated audiovisual facilities brings a new dimension to meetings.

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Quarta is perfectly suited to a boardroom or any other luxury meeting room. With a smart balance between design and functionality, Quarta adds a new dimension to the modern meeting environment. With more interaction and real connection between participants.


Would you like to know more about the Quarta conference table program? Download the Quarta brochure with a complete overview of the models and features.
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In the heart of the table are flat screens, recessed under clear-vision toughened glass which makes sharing presentations and documents easy.
This arrangement also allows participants in the meeting to maintain eye contact with each other because they no longer have to turn to face a single central screen on a wall. This ensures increased interaction, improves the meeting dynamics, saves time and enhances efficiency.

Videoconferencing and Teams integration

The Quarta table can be equipped with videoconferencing. High-definition cameras combined with an advanced videoconferencing system ensure razor-sharp images and crystal-clear sound. You choose convenience, efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

Full Microsoft Teams integration is also possible. Start your meeting with One-Touch-Join!

Watch the video with Teams integration

We instantly became enthousiastic about the design of the table. All audiovisual features are fully integrated.

Jeroen Marré, Manager Facility Management RTL


The Quarta range consists of a large number of models, from the Quarta-8 to the Quarta-34 and above (custom). The numbers represent the number of seats available around the table. The durable and luxuriously finished tables can be equipped with a tabletop of your choice. Every Quarta table is equipped with flat screens recessed in the centre console, a sound system and connection points for laptops. But Quarta goes further, because the tables can also be equipped with HD cameras for video conferencing, which rise from the centre of the table at the touch of a button. Full Microsoft Teams integration is also possible.

Here you can see some examples of Quarta tables in various settings.

Boardrooms are not all the same. In partnership with you, we will create the Quarta which ideally matches your wishes, the number of seats and other requirements.


Quarta meeting tables have acquired a place in the boardrooms and meeting rooms of numerous leading companies, all of whom have recognised their economic benefits. Increased meeting intensity goes hand in hand with time savings. After height, width and length, the factor of time is regarded as the fourth dimension. It is no accident that the name Quarta refers to it.

Virtual 3D tour

See the table in 3D and in different colour settings.

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International Deliveries

The Quarta conference table is a full service concept, with special care threatment. We can take care of the delivery, installation and service of Quarta meeting tables also to your foreign locations.

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Would you like to know more about the Quarta conference table program? Download the Quarta brochure with a complete overview of the models and features.