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Wissam Choucair new managing director AVEX UK


With not only a new office but also a new managing director, AVEX is taking powerful steps forward in the UK. We would like to introduce you to Wissam Choucair.

With nearly two decades of international corporate experience, Wissam has successfully led organisations across various commercial landscapes. Wissam’s expertise lies in effectively managing business operations, navigating changes and identifying untapped marketing opportunities and ensuring operational readiness for market entry. Additionally, he have spearheaded the development and execution of strategic initiatives aimed at bolstering profitability, fostering sustainable growth and elevating the overall customer experience.

Together, we do all we can to optimise the quality of communication and collaboration by creating a smart workplace.

Wissam Choucair, Managing Director AVEX UK

AVEX thinks beyond national borders

AVEX currently has offices in three different countries, in response to rapidly growing globalisation. Finally, AVEX was announced as an official GPA Business Unit. With 26 Business Units providing coverage in more than 50 countries, GPA is now the world’s largest systems integrator. AVEX occupies a unique position as the exclusive GPA Business Unit serving Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the UK. By using this innovative service model, GPA can serve a wide range of international customers.

About AVEX

AVEX works with over 250 employees in the Netherlands, Belgium/Luxembourg and the UK on large and small projects in the field of audiovisual project design and event support. The originally Dutch family business AVEX joined GPA, the global AV System Integrator, as a shareholder in 2016. GPA consists of 26 regional Business Units with 4,800 professionals with global coverage in more than 50 countries. AVEX is the exclusive GPA Business Unit for the Netherlands, Belgium/Luxembourg and the UK.


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