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A year ago, hardly anyone would have thought that. Only the large corporate companies had something like this in house. Handy for effective communication internally and externally. Now every company would like to have one at home. Your own studio on location for online broadcasts. Online video is still booming since March. Where at the time people still had to get used to talking into a camera, now it is as if they never did it any other way. And broadcasting from your own studio was only reserved for multinationals.

We notice that companies find it useful to have their own online studio facilities in-house. This also increases the frequency of the number of broadcasts because you always must stay in touch with your target groups inside and outside. But what is the use and need to want to have something like that yourself?

Because the studio is plug and play, the studio is in principle always available. The employees have no travel time and no external costs for renting a studio space. Depending on which platform you are going to broadcast on, the costs can be so lower. In addition, it is not only a useful communication tool for HRM and Sales, for example. But the management of the company will also communicate more often from their own professional studio.

Communication Tool

But is that complicated to realize your own professional online studio? Not anymore! Due to high demand, AVEX has developed the Simply Advanced Studio concept. Your own streaming studio concept has a basic installation with one or two cameras permanently installed, ideally suited for a large part of the broadcasts with interviews for one or two people. The basic setting with a single camera is ideal for “one touch” operation. With which the user starts the broadcast with one push of a button from a touch panel. Thorough user training after installation ensures that the operation for the users runs smoothly.

Advanced mode Green Screen
Advanced mode Group meeting


In case of a broadcast with more guests in the studio, we can expand your set for this occasion with temporary equipment that we connect to your basic installation. The installed infrastructure has already been set up for this, so that an expansion on location can be realized quickly. This way you always have the most ideal set at home. In case of an elaborate setting, the broadcast is also supported by our professional AVEX studio technicians. Flexibility ensures multifunctionality. Who wouldn’t want their own professional  inhouse streaming studio?

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