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Furniture versus technology


The meeting room has been a battle ground traditionally fought over by the Facilities and the Technology divisions of many organisations. Advancements in the complexity and capability of audiovisual products, particularly in the area of network connectivity, has helped advance the front for the IT fraternity. Recently we completed an installation where even the office lights have an IP address and are controlled by the “system”.

So, how does the furniture fight back – we think adapting and accepting this new world of technology and developing a symbiotic relationship is the only way forward. The furniture still has a major part to play in a comfortable and desirable meeting room environment and a truce appears to be the best way of delivering a meeting room of the future.

A prime example of this is the “Quarta table”, a perfect fusion of designer furniture that would grace any large meeting room or boardroom. With the technology tidily hidden when necessary and available where needed no longer do you need to all spin round and face a focal wall with a large screen display. This is one example of where we see furniture mounting a stiff riposte but adapting to work with technology rather than against it. Will we see this adaptation continue?


Quarta RTL