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An audiovisual make-over in the impressive London Clubhouse


Various AV features make the clubhouse more versatile and functional.

AVEX has facilitated a renewed and impressive clubhouse in London equipped with audiovisual technology. Members of this clubhouse may book these rooms for a variety of activities. AV elements will be implemented to make the conference rooms more versatile and functional.
Six conference rooms have been upgraded, and the Wine Bar has received particular focus.

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More adaptable and practical

Thanks to a variety of AV features specifically intended to fulfil the demands of members, the new clubhouse has been converted into a dynamic and efficient place.

Six customised meeting rooms are located within the clubhouse walls, providing a seamless AV experience for all types of gatherings. The design of these rooms has been carefully optimised by AVEX. One major addition is the Logitech Rally Bar, an innovative all-in-one video conferencing device. This Rally Bar is beautifully linked with the Solstice Pod, resulting in a strong conference duet. The Solstice Pod serves not only as a wireless presentation device, but also as an effective meeting solution. Members benefit from smooth-running hybrid meetings in which both picture and sound are correctly delivered.

The clubhouse’s audio facilities have been carefully designed to provide high-quality audio experiences. There are currently eight wireless microphones available, including two portable models. These mics produce good sound and may be used for a variety of activities ranging from presentations to interactive conferences. The audio system has 12 speakers to ensure that every sound is precisely relayed to all corners of the space. Furthermore, a Blue Sound audio streaming device ensures flawless communication. This gadget, among other things, allows audio to be sent to various speakers throughout the clubhouse via Bluetooth connections.

Luxury Wine Bar

The Wine Bar on the second level is a particular place that received considerable attention. This space is intended to be utilised in a variety of ways, ranging from calm background music to stimulating presentations. This is made possible by the Mersive Solstice-pod, a portable audio system built exclusively for meetings and presentations. The Solstice-pod offers wireless content sharing, enhancing interactivity and participation during meetings. As a dependable backup, HDMI inputs near the main screen have been installed, letting the presentation to continue even if the Mersive Solstice-pod breaks suddenly. The sophisticated QSC system not only can cater for difference dimension events but is factor for any future expansion for Video conference capability as well.

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