AVEX launches with Pulse a unique service concept


From reactive to proactive

More than ever, we use technology in our daily work and life. Every building and every space is full of technology. This also increases the dependence on technologies such as video conferencing. Support departments often have their hands full keeping existing systems up and running. Due to the complexity and the rapid innovations, all developments are difficult to keep up with. Yet many organizations need more insight and want to take the next step in the service process. This stimulated AVEX to invest in the development of a renewed service concept.


With Pulse Proactive Services, AVEX helps customers on their way from reactive service to proactive service. The intelligent Pulse platform enables AVEX to monitor the performance of the IT and AV infrastructure in real time. Any device connected to the platform will be visible in the Pulse dashboard. From that moment on, the support team can monitor and act on the status of the system. Reports are handled based on impact and agreed response times.

How much time is lost every day due to technical failures? What impact does this have on continuity? And how time-consuming is coordinating with different suppliers of connected devices? AVEX set to work with those pain points in mind. “Pulse offers many opportunities to take service to a higher level,” says Walter van den Biggelaar, Manager Business Services.

Small and large environments

Pulse is suitable for smaller environments with a few critical systems, but also for large environments with thousands of devices. Audio, video communication and IT systems are increasingly integrated. The power of Pulse is that it provides control over equipment from various ecosystems and manufacturers. The equipment in the meeting environment, the hospitality areas and the workplaces.


Configuration management and release management are also very important in the overall process. AVEX therefore ensures a standardized configuration of the equipment. During the lifecycle, the Pulse platform arranges the controlled rollout of security patches and updates.

Walter van den Biggelaar: “The dashboard function that Pulse offers across all equipment – regardless of brand and platform – is unique. After all, a system only works if the entire chain is working. With Pulse we look at the bigger picture, so that we can optimize operation and security”.

In the past year, AVEX has already gained the first experience with this new concept at a number of customers. For a small amount per space per month, the customer is assured of optimal availability of the systems.