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Connected workplace for Jacobs UK Ltd.


AVEX uses AV technologies to implement video communications more successfully at Jacobs UK Ltd. organisation.

The world of today and future need more efficient ways of working and communicating. In addition to advising sales, and technical services, we also specialise in event facilities and leasing.

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Connected Workplace

It is critical to leverage technology that links the real and digital worlds in order to operate more freely and efficiently. This has resulted in the development of new technical solutions known as the Connected Workplace. The goal of the Connected Workplace is to design and manage work spaces that are equipped with cutting-edge technology, allowing each employee to achieve optimal outcomes.

Early in 2023, AVEX enhanced the Audio/Video (AV) for Jacobs UK Ltd. in their London Riverview event space. The new AV experience, is being used more efficiently and flexibly by installing multiple AV functionalities in the same space.

Jacobs UK Ltd. approached AVEX with the request to optimise web conferencing in the Riverview event space, in order to improve efficiency and productivity. A comprehensive service package is also provided to ensure this is always possible and was included.  As a result, AVEX is always ready to provide assistance and worry-free operation via short lines to AVEX Service team and in country Engineers.  This assures that malfunctions and problems are addressed within 24 hours of notice. Within the service agreement, both preventative and corrective maintenance schedules are carefully planned.

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About Jacobs UK Ltd.:

Jacobs UK Ltd. Group is a global engineering and consulting organisation. The group has offices in more than 50 countries throughout the world, with headquarters in the United States and London. Jacobs provides a comprehensive variety of services, including engineering, architecture, environmental consulting, project management, and construction. Jacobs is a global engineering and consulting organisation with a reputation for excellence, innovation, and sustainability. They are involved in some of the world’s most prominent projects, including the construction of the Burj Khalifa and the development of High Speed 2 in the UK.

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