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Globant UK enhances workplace


Globant UK Enhances Workplace with AVEX's Audiovisual Solutions

As technology continues to advance at a rapid speed in the workplace, it is critical for businesses to keep up. AVEX was awarded the honor of equipping Globant UK’s boardroom and chill out space, resulting in maximising their work and communication.

Improvements to the audiovisual system

Globant UK needed an audiovisual revamp in their new office for the boardroom and chill out space, among other things, to improve video meetings. Service and support were also critical in keeping the workplace running properly. The Full-Service Package was selected to provide the greatest service and support following the installation of this audiovisual equipment. AVEX will always address problems within 24 hours under this service plan.

Globant UK Overview

Globant UK is a worldwide pioneer in digital transformation. The organisation has a strong track record of assisting businesses in improving their digital capabilities and driving commercial results by assisting organisations in reinventing themselves to build a route ahead. Globant UK does this through software development, UX/UI design, data analytics, cloud architecture, and cyber security. It is the meeting point of innovation, design, and engineering.


Globant’s new office is in London since 1st December 2022. It has offices in Birmingham, Manchester, and Edinburgh as well. With over 26,500 employees in all regions of the world it is a top ranked IT services company.

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