Live Event Streaming Services

Broadcast your live events online with a professional event stream and increase the reach of your event. Your event becomes a hybrid event with a physical and an online audience.

What is the added value?

With Event Streaming your event can be watched live online or later with on demand video by all those who were unable to attend in person. The event can also be rewatched over a longer period of time and the link can be shared with others on social media, increasing the reach even further. With streaming, your video content allows you to reach new and different participants.

AVEX can provide camera recordings and the live stream broadcast. Professional technicians and expert camera people provide the recording, guaranteeing high-end feeds, mixing and production. Depending on the size of the room and the podium set-up, we may recommend recording the event with one or more cameras. Changing angles and aspects often make the recording more interesting for online viewers. Event streaming can make a live event accessible to a broader audience at a small additional cost. A report provides you with insight into essential information about viewing figures and viewers profiles.

Event Streaming specs from AVEX

  • Professional webcast incl. 8 hours of broadcasting and maximum 1,000 simultaneous viewers.
  • The total number of online visitors that views your recording subsequently is unlimited.
  • Standard hosting on your website for up to 12 months.
  • Branding by adding logo/image slides and a choice of colour skins.
  • Works on all browsers and all devices (adjusts automatically).
  • DVR functionality. Users can pause the live video and rewind.
  • Works extremely well on internal networks. No blocks by firewalls or virus scanners.
  • Your webcasts are standard also available to viewers abroad (CDN function).
  • For a webcast at your site we use an (A)DSL connection with a minimum uplink of 1 MB.
  • AVEX uses the professional RoyalCast WebCast platform.
  • Includes a report on viewing figures and viewers profiles.

Webinar and studio webcast services

Besides live event-streaming services, AVEX offers a comprehensive portfolio of high-end full-service webinar and webcast services together with Company Webcast, produced either at the RoyalCast studios or on location. We would be pleased to tell you about the options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a copy of the stream after the live events?

Yes, you can get a copy of your hybrid event or live stream event. The event video will safely be stored on our servers and can be made available in a variety of formats.

What equipment is needed for live streaming?

We provide a live streaming service for a huge variety of events and the level of equipment required will be predicated on the nature of the event. For a small event, we would stream with one or two cameras. For a larger event, we can use eight cameras with video streams and presentations.

How can people watch our live streaming events?

We can provide live streaming services to a variety of platforms. As an experienced live streaming company we are adept at streaming events to any browser or device.

What kind of events can you live stream?

We can help live stream a huge variety of events from company presentations, hybrid events, conferences, ceremonies and everything in between. If you want to make an event accessible to a wider audience, AVEX are your trusted partner.


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