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Logitech Sight meeting camera

The revolutionary meeting camera with AI

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Discover Logitech’s innovative meeting camera

The Logitech Sight meeting camera is an advanced video conferencing solution designed to improve the way meetings are conducted. With a sharp 315° image, high-quality sound recording and advanced AI features, the Logitech Sight offers a revolutionary meeting experience. This innovative meeting camera works with the Logitech Rally Bar or Rally Bar Mini to provide a detailed view of all participants at the table. It shows up to 4 actively participating people plus an overview of the meeting room. At a later stage, the camera will automatically switch between the Video Bar and the Sight depending on the participant’s viewing direction.

De Logitech Sight live action:

The benefits at a glance:

Increased engagement

The Logitech Sight ensures that remote participants have a full view of the meeting room and can see and hear everyone. Non-verbal communication is going to play a more important role thanks to the Sight meeting camera. This is going to make participants feel more involved in the meeting.

Better collaboration

The Logitech Sight can be used to collaborate on projects, hold brainstorming sessions and make presentations. The camera provides a focal point for collaboration and helps improve productivity.

Functionalities that excel:

Artificial intelligence (AI)

The camera uses AI to automatically track meeting participants. This ensures that everyone is well in view, even if they walk around the meeting room. AI also allows distracting background noise to be muted.

315° field of view

The camera can be placed in panorama mode to give a wide view of the meeting room. This is useful for meetings with many participants or for presentations.

4K resolution

The Sight meeting camera features twice an Ultra HD (4K) camera that provides a sharp and detailed image of participants, even in low light.

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