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Hybrid conferencing with Microsoft Teams Rooms

More than 80% of all meetings are already in hybrid form

Connected workplace

To truly embrace workplace flexibility, it is essential to use technology that can bridge the gap between physical and digital worlds. This has led to the emergence of new technology solutions known as the Connected Workplace. The Connected Workplace aims to create contemporary work environments equipped with state-of-the-art technology, enabling every employee to achieve optimal results.

Microsoft Teams Rooms

In this world where technology plays an essential role in our daily lives, it is no surprise that hybrid meetings are increasingly becoming the norm. Microsoft Teams in particular has proven to be a powerful platform to host and manage virtual meetings.

70% of Fortune 500 companies already work with Microsoft Teams Rooms

Microsoft Teams Rooms is a software and hardware solution that consists of a software and a range of devices that work together to transform a meeting room into a modern, interactive meeting space. The software includes Microsoft Teams, as well as a range of apps and services designed to enhance meetings. Hardware includes, for example, a camera, speakers, microphones and a projector.

AVEX advises organisations with setting up modern meeting rooms based on Microsoft Teams Rooms.

The features of Microsoft Teams Rooms:

Easy to use

Microsoft Teams Rooms is designed to be easy to use, for everyone. The interface is simple, and a comprehensive help section is available. You start a hybrid meeting with high-quality video and audio at the touch of a button. If this is not enough, free online training courses are available for Microsoft Teams.


The meeting rooms are equipped with accessible features such as subtitling, insertion and screen sharing. By moving the video gallery to the bottom of the screen, remote participants can see eye-to-eye with other participants in the room. The meeting chat is also clearly visible to participants in the room, so they can see and respond to comments. In addition, the picture and sound are of very high quality so that everyone feels seen and heard.


Microsoft Teams Rooms is a flexible solution that can be adapted to all needs. For example, you can easily create different channels for different projects. Rooms can also be equipped with different equipment, and can also be adapted to the size of the team. Connecting to third parties, such as Zoom and Webex, is also possible with Microsoft Teams.


Microsoft Teams Rooms is a secure solution designed to protect users’ privacy. The meeting rooms use a number of security measures, including end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication. Also, unauthorised people cannot simply enter the meeting. The organiser of the hybrid meeting can manage this.

The right solution for every need

Whether you want to set up a large meeting room with Microsoft Teams or a somewhat smaller room. AVEX is happy to advise on setting up different meeting rooms. The big difference lies mainly in the equipment required. Smaller quiet meeting rooms have a simple set-up, often using standard equipment. Larger meeting rooms, however, may require more sophisticated technology to ensure optimal image and sound quality for the entire room. AVEX has the ability to achieve this for your meeting room based on Micrsoft Teams. Our goal is to enable seamless communication, collaboration and video meetings using the Microsoft Teams platform.

Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) for every meeting room

Small Rooms
MTR 1-4 persons

Medium Rooms
MTR 5-9 persons

Large rooms
MTR 10+ persons

System integrator

AVEX, as an independent systems integrator, offers a comprehensive Microsoft Teams package that includes Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) hardware solutions, software licences and services. Within AVEX’s comprehensive offering, we offer certified MTR devices, from well-known brands such as Cisco, Crestron, Jabra, Logitech, Poly and Yealink. Moreover, AVEX is officially certified as a partner for the Microsoft Surface Hub.

High-end MTR solution

The Quarta Meeting Table is a high-end solution for hybrid meeting environments, as the table promotes interactive and collaborative meetings. With a streamlined design and high-quality materials, the Quarta Meeting Table provides an elegant and functional space to gather. The tabletop acts as an interactive touchscreen with built-in wireless connectivity, allowing participants to easily share and present content via Microsoft Teams. Integrated audio and video equipment ensures clear communication, while the ability to connect multiple devices ensures seamless collaboration. In short, the Quarta Meeting Table is a high-end solution for modern businesses striving for efficient and engaging meeting experiences using Microsoft Teams. With a sophisticated balance between design and functionality, Quarta creates an extraordinary and dynamic meeting setting. With plenty of interaction and real connection between participants, it is ideal for a luxury MTR.

Microsoft Teams Rooms without investment?

AVEX also offers its customers an as-a-service model to ensure that their investment in Microsoft Teams Rooms is flexible and future-proof.
The employer can then always offer the latest technological solutions, creating an optimal hybrid working environment for employees at the lowest cost.


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