Public Address Systems

AVEX designs and realises public address systems that are often combined with an evacuation system. Designing these systems involves a variety of devices.

Type A Evacuation System

AVEX is specialised in designing and installing Type A evacuation systems. Type A is an emergency system with a spoken message. This type of evacuation system is obligatory when an automatic fire-protection system is coupled to an autonomous fire detection plant. A Type A system is also capable of emitting a combination of a tone signal and a spoken message, if desired. A Type A system may also be extended for other purposes, such as broadcasting announcements or playing background music.

Evacuation System Type B and C

Having an Evacuation System Type B or C is often obligatory. These two systems make use of a tone signal. Many owners want to use this system also for broadcasting. AVEX offers the possibility to generate within the system the necessary tone signals to make it suitable for the broadcasting of announcements. This way broadcasting and evacuation systems can be combined and there is no need for a separate evacuation system.


Due to its many years of experience AVEX is able to provide you with excellent information about the various installation possibilities of broadcasting and evacuation systems. Furthermore we are able to carry out measurements that map the sound level of tone signals and spoken messages of an existing installation. Do you want more information on this subject or would you like to know whether an evacuation system is obligatory for your system and if so, which type? Please contact us. We would like to assist you in your choice.

Norm NEN2575

Regulations and requirements pertaining to evacuation systems are established in norm NEN2575. This norm describes the conditions and requirements an evacuation system has to comply with. It establishes, among other things, the values for the sound level and the speech understandability of the spoken messages. Moreover the system’s availability must be warranted. Thus, in case of a fire, the cabling employed must preserve its functioning for at least 30 minutes. AVEX possesses all required knowledge and expertise for the realisation of evacuation systems complying with the NEN2575 norm.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a public address system?

A public address system is a type of audio system that is used to play background music or make announcements to the public. They are commonly found in places like shopping centres, airports, schools, hospitals, and churches. There are many different types of PA systems so it is extremely important to choose the appropriate PA system set up for your setting.

How do public address systems work?

A public address system is for making people’s voices louder. It has a microphone, a mixer, and loudspeakers. The microphone turns sound into voltage. That means when you speak or sing into the microphone it is amplified and then broadcast through speakers to the chosen setting.

What types of public address systems are available?

AVEX provides an array of public address systems for a variety of settings. From huge venues to schools and colleges, our P.A system installation expertise is second to none.

What equipment is needed for a public address system?

The basic requirements for a public address system are microphones, loudspeakers and amplifiers. Of course, each setting and project will require a different type of P.A system depending on the type of environment and its own unique requirements.

Can you provide multi zone public address systems?

A multi-zone address system is where an announcement needs to be made to a specific area, for example a leisure centre might only want to broadcast messages in a pool and not the gym area. AVEX are adept at creating PA systems for multi-zone areas.