Improving work efficiency and communicating with patients and healthcare professionals. Also by remote means.


Doctors and professionals in the medical sector are continuously seeking new treatment methods and other ways to improve healthcare. Audiovisual aids have become indispensable. In diagnostics, recording operations and live streaming, for example. Real-time collecting and presentation of medical data. And swift contact with specialists from other regions or countries.

Operating theatres too are undergoing significant change and are increasingly evolving into a hybrid environment. Driven by new technologies, diagnostics and surgery on the basis of video images are gaining a more prominent position in the operating theatre. These innovations are making the medical world more efficient.


At the same time, the experience of and communication with patients is becoming ever more important. How do you show them where they must go? How do you make the time spent waiting as pleasant as possible? How do you efficiently present results and data?

AVEX understands the medical world. We know that audiovisual solutions have a significant impact on the quality of care. With our solutions and service for the medical sector, we contribute towards the digitisation of the healthcare landscape and ultimately to a faster, better and more cost-effective healthcare service.