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AVEX provides opening ceremony for Dutch national team


A spectacular show ahead of the Netherlands-France match with light and sound by AVEX. Watch the video of @OnsOranje here and enjoy the show!


Together with Tribe Sports and the KNVB, we looked for a way to generate more experience, inventiveness and visibility around football matches of the Dutch national team. The initial question from the KNVB was to increase fan engagement during the match of the year, namely Holland-France. Tribe Sports’ creative concept was devised to project the graceful/creative Dutch and French football stars from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s to the present on the pitch. There was also an intimate performance with grand piano, pianist and Claude on the centre spot and a spectacular finale with a choreography by 32 dancers to TiĆ«sto’s song The Business. AVEX provided the technical translation of the projection on the pitch, the light show and the amplification of all the sound in the Johan Cruijff ArenA.

Throughout the process, we challenged each other to achieve the best result. AVEX was easily accessible and we were able to switch quickly.

Feico Haveman, Tribe Sports

Familiar cooperation

AVEX has had a close partnership with the KNVB for some time now. The origins of this cooperation go back to the European Football Championship in 2006, when AVEX stood alongside the KNVB with a team of professionals. This marked the beginning of a special relationship.

Over time, AVEX not only provided audiovisual support for football matches, but also press conferences that were crucial for communicating with fans and media. What began as a collaboration focused on sporting events soon grew into something much bigger. The KNVB relied on AVEX to provide audiovisual solutions at various events that were organised, resulting in wonderful moments for Dutch football and its fans.

We are always there for each other and a few words are enough.

AVEX Accountmanager Paul Elstgeest

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