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AVEX provides set-up for FIVB World Congress 2022


The Dutch Volleyball Federation organised the 38th congress of world volleyball federation FIVB simultaneously with the Women’s World Cup. The congress took place on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of September at Papendal, the home of sport in the Netherlands. And to stay in volleyball terms; AVEX provided the set-up for this special event.


It is the first time in the history of the FIVB World Congress that it was held at the same time as a volleyball world championship. Around 500 international volleyball administrators gathered at Papendal in Arnhem to participate in meetings and enjoy the World Cup taking place in the Netherlands. Also a special event for AVEX to be part of!


All audiovisual techniques and support was in the hands of the AVEX team. So the conference was provided with a tailor-made d├ęcor by AVEX. Consisting of a stage measuring 20 by 4 metres. The Content Creation team at AVEX had designed beautiful elements that served as backgrounds on the large projection screens at the back of the stage. On both sides, a lectern was placed with an integrated LED screen on which logos and names of speakers were displayed.

A very comprehensive sound system contributed to the smooth running of the conference. 200 conference booths were set up for attendees, each equipped with a microphone. For optimal use, all these microphones were wired. This – together with the other audio facilities – created a lot of installation work and loose wires, which were carefully concealed.

There was also a camera control set on site, consisting of two manned cameras and a remote operated camera. This footage could be transferred live to the projection in the auditorium. All recorded material was also stored, from which the Content Creation team at AVEX created the above beautiful aftermovie.

The room was filled with guests of many different nationalities. Therefore, there were eight translators attending. AVEX placed their own booth for each of them. Here the English language was translated. This way, the congress could also be followed live in Russian, Arabic, French and Spanish.