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On-Site Support

Highly knowledgeable audiovisual specialists on site

Innovative audiovisual systems offer an increasing range of options. Our On-Site Support concept enables you to engage the appropriate specialist knowledge on site, either temporarily or on a more long-term basis. You can therefore arrange a flexible addition to your team, thereby vouching for continuity in a highly professional manner.

We believe that On-Site Support is the ideal solution. After all, it relieves organisations that that need to swiftly engage – either temporarily or permanently – the appropriate knowledge at the right time, of all the worries this entails. This concept offers both security and flexibility, as well as clear insight into the administrative process involved. Various disciplines are available to assist you in rendering your business processes more effective in the field of AV services.

Advantages of On-Site Support

• Specialist knowledge available on site
• Flexibly deployable
• Choice of numerous job profiles
• The secondment costs are not booked to your payroll
• Talented AV professionals
• Continuity guaranteed (e.g. in the case of illness)
• Ideal means of resolving temporary capacity problems due to staff shortages
• No high charges for recruitment & selection
• More efficient planning of your own staff

Short term On-Site Support

• On a three or six-month basis. With the option of a subsequent extension to twelve months.

• Temporary expansion of your team during a busy spell.

• Training a technical team following the delivery of a new system.

• Can be arranged for as little as 16 hours, on the basis of two working days a week

Long-term On-Site Support

• From twelve months up to permanent secondment.

• Attractive rates.

• Can be arranged for as little as 24 hours, on the basis of three working days a week.

Have we aroused your interest in On-Site Support?

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