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Control and Emergency Rooms

AVEX offers various solutions for control and emergency rooms, such as vidiwalls, projection and LCD screens. A novelty is our offer of professional, special LCD screens suitable for composing space-saving vidiwalls. These screens have an ultra-thin edge and may elegantly and in a flexible way be assembled into one large screen.

In order to ensure the simple and orderly operation of all devices, AVEX will design a customised control with which the system may be operated by means of software as well as from a touch-panel. The system also enables digital recording of information and images. Furthermore a video-conference system may be integrated within an existing system. This enables rapidly consulting persons or instances at other locations.

Expert Knowledge

Equipping control and emergency rooms requires expert knowledge. Crucial factors for these equipments are reliability, high-grade quality and ease of use. Moreover ergonomic factors must be involved. Equipment and devices must be adapted to 24/24 hours of use. We keep these factors in mind for all our advice and designs.


AVEX collaborates with three partners: Brand Interieurs, Nsecure and Fysergo. Each of our partners possesses expert knowledge and expertise in the field of control rooms. We complement each other seamlessly and have our customers profit of the added value produced by our collaboration.

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