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Control Systems

Ease of operation. This is of great importance for audio-visual equipment. Especially when many various devices are present in a given space, the equipment must be easy to operate. In designing its systems AVEX pays a lot of attention to ease of use. A user must be able to operate the system intuitively, without any special technical knowledge. And without resorting to a manager or help desk.


There are various types of control panels: simple ones pro-vided with buttons, or advanced touch screen panels. Using a control panel avoids having to operate various remote control units or performing awkward start-up procedures. For a simple system a button panel will suffice. For more complex systems AVEX advises the use of a touch panel. The control panel may be smoothly integrated in a table or recess in the wall. A wireless touch panel is another elegant solution.


Each panel may be completely programmed according to your wishes and requirements, making available all logical choices and preference settings. For example, you might want lighting to be adapted as soon as you switch on the projector. All facilities in a given space can be controlled from the panel. This holds true for screen, projector and sound, but also for features as lighting, darkening (either screens or curtains) and air conditioning.

Ease for the user and relief for the manager. This is the way we like to handle things! Do you want more information or would you like to know which type of control system is suit-able for your company’s objectives? Please contact us. We would like to assist you in your choice.

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