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Sentido® is an AVEX designed digital information system for room and hall reservations. Various screens will provide your guests, visitors and staff with information about the location. By coupling the information system to your own reservation system, the information will be automatically channelled. No additional actions are required from your staff in order to have the information appear on the screens.


Immediately after installation, you can easily use the system to automatically display the entered information on the connected screens. Our graphic designer will tailor the lay-out and screen settings to match your in house style. Sentido® makes it possible to show different information and or images on every connected screen. In the central reception area, example, you can display a list of all events, while a smaller screen at the relevant room only gives detailed information.

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Integration possible with:

  • Calender and Room booking systems
  • Facility Management Software
  • Health care information systems (EMR/EHR)
  • Schedule and education software
  • Property Management Systems / Hotel software

 The System

The Sentido® system consists of two parts. One is the central server, the other consists of the various display sets. The Sentido system will be coupled through a server to your existing network. This server will extract all necessary information out of existing software applications such as Outlook or your own reservation system. The selection of the information to be projected on the screen is, of course, to be determined by you. Variation between large and small screens is also possible.

SENTIDO® is your perfect signpost in:

  • Hotels
  • Congress centres
  • Educational institutions
  • Town and City Halls
  • Museums
  • Hospitals
  • Company buildings
  • Recreation Parks

Untroubled navigation with remote control

Management of the Sentido® system can be handled by you. The system is designed for ease of use. In case, however, you want to be released of all side-activities, AVEX offers the option of remote control. AVEX’s professional Facility Support Desk may support you in everything that is handled ‘behind the screens’. You may think of content creation, composing the play lists, content distribution, hosting, remote support and management. Our experts are at all times ready to answer your questions. They will remotely control the system’s functioning.

For more information please request our brochure at contact form or call us. We will gladly advise you or give you an detailed demonstration of our system.

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