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Team presenter

Modern working environments increasingly feature open workspaces and meeting places. The Team Presenter was specially designed with a view to providing a freestanding conferencing spot in an open space.

Built-in 48-inch screen

The unit can accommodate six people, while its design and seating height lend it an informal atmosphere.

The Team Presenter is equipped with a built-in 48-inch screen, which enables convenient information sharing in a round-table setting. Furthermore if the unit is not in use for conferencing, then it can also be used as a general information screen. The unit is equipped with various useful connections and a power socket for a laptop or other electronic device. It is also fitted with wireless telephone chargers.

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The control panel is highly user friendly, enabling anyone to swiftly present or share information. It is a very simple matter to make a choice of various sources. Furthermore, the fact that the unit is not operated by means of remote control means it cannot get misplaced. As an optional extra, the Team Presenter can be equipped with a wireless presentation function.

Team Presenter Specifications

  • Uncomplicated and functional presentation unit
  • Built-in 48’’ LED screen and connection facilities
  • Freestanding unit suitable for installation anywhere. Neatly finished on all sides
  • Table top height 110 cm
  • Available as standard in white HPL. Optional range of colours available
  • User-friendly control panel with pre-programmed functions
  • Integrated power strip, including VGA, HDMI and audio connections
  • Qi wireless chargers
  • Supplied complete with user manual

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