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Video Mapping / Projection Mapping

Video mapping or projection mapping is the projection of a video animation on an object. This object may be a building, a car or another product. The projection is fully adjusted to the shape and structure of the object to be projected. The imposing size of the projection and the special 3-D visual effects, if any, make it possible to produce an impressive experience in a creative way.


Video mapping can be used to promote a product or for the opening or reopening of a building and it will attract the crowd’s full attention. Under the name of Hulskamp Event Facilities, AVEX has realised various spectacular projects during the past few years, at a TEDx conference, Qatar Cool and the introduction of the new Fiat 500, to name but a few.


Have we inspired you to focus more attention on your business premises or another product by means of video mapping projection? Attention is created by means of beautiful content for your brand, product or service.

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