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A contemporary way of communicating with your target group. By means of webcasting your narrative may be fol-lowed live via Internet or Intranet. Moreover, those who missed it, may consult your message afterward. An ideal tool for knowledge management, e-learning and marketing objectives.

AVEX will handle webcasting of events, but may also supply a self-service webcast system, enabling you to autonomously realise your webcasts.

AVEX regularly handles webcasting for:

  • Presentation of annual balances
  • Press conferences
  • Congresses
  • Municipal Council meetings (mostly fixed systems)
  • Product Introductions
  • Live surgery, watching surgical interventions live
  • University lectures / e-learning

We handle the entire trajectory, from camera recording to broadcasting. We offer a self-service system with a webcast subscription that enables you to autonomously control your webcasts.

Ease of Use

You can choose between sound-recording only, or using both image and sound.

You may also contemporaneously display additional information, such as PowerPoint slides or commentary by a presenter. And you may also wish to have your audience navigating where it chooses to. Also live questions are possible. Of course the recorded material may be edited afterward.

With AVEX webcasting you will at each event profit from the widest possible range within your target group. Please re-quest a price list or an offer free of any engagement.


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