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The LED Wall: the sharpest image of 2023


A new generation of screens, an overwhelming way of communicating. Learn more about LED walls. Download the LED Wall whitepaper on this page 👇

It was abundantly clear during the Integrated Systems Europe 2023 trade fair in Barcelona.
One of the major developments that our experts encountered was the fast development of LED and the practical and wide applicability.

Why switch to LED? We take a closer look at this in our newest e-paper. Here are 3 topics that will be covered:

  • Unsurpassed image quality

With razor-sharp images and unsurpassed color fidelity, your story comes across even better. You leave an impression that people will not soon forget.

  • Durable in use

LED is not only very energy efficient, it also has an extremely long lifespan. By using separate modules, repair is simpler, more efficient and cheaper.

  • Reliable and dummy proof

An LED Wall is a reliable solution due to the lower failure rate. With another advantage: an LED Wall has all hardware internally and is therefore almost impossible to break. No one who can just pull out a cable! So dummy-proof!

Download the e-paper here!

Examples of installed LED Walls:


AVEX NL Breukelen (HQ)
AVEX NL Den Haag
AVEX NL Zwolle
AVEX UK, London
AVEX BE, Brussels