The trend shift from ownership to use of AV-as-a-Service


The world around us is constantly changing. An as it does, the trend shift from ownership to the use of assets is increasingly viewed as a significant advantage. This no longer applies solely to items that have become commonplace in our daily lives, such as a car or mobile phone. We have also witnessed increasing demand for AV-as-a-Service models in the ICT and AV environment.


René Schaddelee (Managing Director of AVEX): “The roots of our AV-FLEX® concept extend back to 2009. And because we have witnessed growing demand for AV-as-a-Service concepts, we have also opted to expand our range of AV FLEX® services. In providing AV-FLEX® Financial Services, we are now able to offer the optimum in flexibility. The customer can therefore chose at a glance the particular concept in the overview that best fits their needs.”

Always a suitable solution

AV-FLEX® is the ideal solution for businesses to achieve the smart finance of audiovisual systems. And it can be applied entirely flexibly, according to their requirements.

AV-FLEX® consists of a broad range of AV-as-a-Service concepts, varying from Financial Lease and Operational Lease to Managed Services. The unique feature is the Pay-per-use model, which implies that the customer pays solely for the services actually used.

“Even back then, we noticed that many businesses were following the trend shift from ownership to use, or CAPEX to OPEX as it is also known. And a service like the Pay-per-use model ideally suits this move,” says René Schaddelee.

AVEX meticulously tailors the concept to the customer’s wishes and the estimated use. As is the case with Managed services, the system remains the property of AVEX in the Pay-per-use concept. The customer is solely the user for the agreed term of the contract.

The Pay-per-use rate is based on the actual use of the system, with an established weekly or monthly minimum level. This model can prove particularly useful in the case of seasonal influencing factors, or if you charge on the costs of use to your internal or external client. This is particularly applicable to hotels, meeting and conference facilities, which remain highly dependent on the level of occupation during the events season.

Adaptation of the financial model

There are also businesses who are keen to adapt their financial model from ownership to use, but which already own audio-visual equipment. Our Sale/AV-FLEX back model enables us to take over ownership of the customer’s audio-visual system at any given time. The customer does not have to wait until the equipment has been written off for tax purposes, or existing contracts expire therefore. And the takeover price can then be used to cover other expenditure. Following the takeover, the customer only has to pay the monthly costs of use.