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AVEX part of Microsoft Surface Hub Multinational ADR program


AVEX has been named as part of the Microsoft Surface Hub Multinational Authorized Device Reseller (ADR) program. The program’s goal is to allow multinational customers to source and implement Surface Hub globally with a consistent experience. A few selected ADR’s are now approved meeting the objective criteria, backed up by certified competencies.

AVEX is Regional Business Unit of the Global Presence Alliance (GPA), a group of 28 global Regional Business Units firms covering 67 countries through 227 offices with 5000 staff. Together we plan, deliver, and support through fully certified Surface Hub device resellers. We do so in a consistent and structured manner under the GPA’s formal delivery methodology.

We are very honored that Microsoft awarded AVEX the Surface Hub Multinational ADR status. It proves that Microsoft cares about global customers and the best way to serve them. It recognizes the strong offering and added value of the Global Presence Alliance in effective business communications

René Schaddelee, Managing Director of AVEX