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Microsoft Signature Rooms for NHG


discover how AVEX's solutions ensure more equality in hybrid meetings under National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG)

Nationale Hypotheek Garantie (NHG) is taking a new step in equality in hybrid meetings with Microsoft Signature Rooms and Front Row. Because in the Netherlands, 2 out of 3 meetings now have at least one virtual participant. The big question now is to see how you set up your meeting room for the people who are not there. In order to continue collaborating effectively.

In answer to this question, AVEX recently installed several Microsoft Signature Rooms with the new Front Row functionality at NHG. For our latest video story, we went to see what this looks like in practice. We asked Wessel de Zwart – IT implementation manager at NHG – what his experience is so far and what the first reactions of colleagues are.


“NHG is an organisation that wants to stay at the forefront of audiovisual adoption.”

NHG wants to ensure that colleagues experience as little difference as possible in participating in a remote meeting compared to the office. Indeed, at NHG, they understand that equality in a meeting is important and that it also makes work more efficient.

The Signature Rooms are therefore in full use. Employees were first impressed by the wide large 21:9 screen, but also quickly discovered its advantages. The position of the Jabra Pancast camera ensures the same eye level for everyone. And there is plenty of space for displaying content sharing, chat and, of course, the Front Row layout where online participants sit large and as individuals ‘at the table’.

What is Microsoft Front Row and what can you do with it?

Front Row is a new content layout for Microsoft Teams Rooms and gives participants a greater sense of connection with remote participants.
This is because this layout allows you to make more individual people visible – at eye level. This creates a better connection and therefore more equality in the meeting.

Microsoft’s special software ensures that the background of online participants turns black, making you visible in full size in the meeting room.

AVEX is an official and certified Microsoft Teams Room partner. We help you and your organisation successfully deploy various Microsoft Teams Rooms solutions. We not only supply and install the products and software, but also provide training and adoption programmes. Together, we ensure that employees get the most out of these solutions.

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What are Microsoft Signature Rooms?

A Microsoft Signature Teams Room is a combination of equipment, special furniture and a wide-angle lens camera with AI at the front of the room. This camera uses smart AI technology to make it look as if people are sitting right in front of the people in the online meeting.

This new online meeting concept is best deployed within organisations in rooms and locations where face-to-face interactions with remote meeting participants are desired.

To achieve this, Signature Teams Rooms use curved C- or V-shaped furniture for the office participants in the meeting room, whose images are captured by the ultra-wide-angle camera. And the Microsoft Teams feature called “Front Row” is used to scale and place the images of the remote participants at eye level.

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Realised audiovisual solutions

• Signature Rooms with Jabra Panacast and Jupiter 105`` PANA display
• Meeting rooms equipped with Microsoft Surface Hub 2S (50`` and 85``)
• Boardroom with vidiwall, Sennheisser Tile microphone, HP Poly Microsoft Teams Rooms solution

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