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Digital Signage

You want to welcome, inform and inspire your visitors? Digital Signage is the flexible solution.

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Organisations are increasingly turning to digital signage as a means of addressing various challenges. How can be made waiting more pleasant? How can we ensure that important information is also seen? How can we do this so effectively as possible?

Digital signage is the solution. With powerful content on stylish displays, it is possible to facilitate the targeted distribution of information. Tailored to the target group, the time and the place.


With good quality content, you can directly communicate your message to your target group. Clients and guests, but also colleagues. In this way, digital signage makes a valuable contribution to the image and marketing impact of your organisation.


  • Welcome information
  • Important announcements
  • Signage (see also Sentido®)
  • Advertising
  • Travel information
  • Waiting time information
  • Social media updates
  • And numerous other applications
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Ranging from iPad format to a collection of displays that together guarantee an impressive experience. Everything is possible. User-friendly software allows you to control the screens and provide each individual screen with the desired content.

Need help in creating eye-catching content? Opt for content creation by AVEX and we will develop a complete set of templates in your corporate style.

We can, of course, take care of the technical management for you. Our Facility Support Desk can support you with everything that takes place ‘behind the screens’.

9292 Vertrekwijzer

AVEX is official digital signage partner of the REISinformatiegroep and can thus offer the 9292 vertrekwijzer subscription to its clients. The 9292 vertrekwijzer provides staff and visitors with departure times of public transportation like buses, metro, tram, train and ferry. The closest stop(s) will be selected based on your company’s location. Because the vertrekwijzer provides a positive sustainability contribution, you also earn one point towards the BREAAM certification.

Digital Signage advice

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