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Microsoft Teams Front Row

Microsoft has a new layout available in Microsoft Teams, it is called Front Row. This layout helps organisations have better and more efficient hybrid meetings. AVEX can help you implement this into your organisation.

What is Front Row?

The Microsoft Teams Front Row layout makes online participants in a Teams meeting feel more engaged. This is because this layout places the video footage of the online participants in a row at the bottom of the screen in the meeting room.

Front Row thus literally and figuratively places online participants in the ‘front row’ of hybrid meetings. This puts the callers at the eye level of the participants in the meeting room and therefore creates eye contact, helping to make the meeting more natural.

Find out what Microsoft Teams Front Row looks like in practice in this video:

Front Row explained

So simply put, Front Row functionality is a new way of organising content for Microsoft Teams Rooms solutions. It makes all participants feel more connected – whether you are in the room or present as an external participant.

This is because the on-screen layout allows you to visualise online participants at eye level. Research shows that this creates a better connection which contributes to more equality in a meeting. And that, in turn, improves productivity!  

Benefits of Microsoft Teams Front Row

The Microsoft Teams Front Row layout offers the following benefits, among others:

Higher engagement:

Remote participants feel more involved in the meeting as other participants can see them at eye level.

Improved collaboration:

It is easier to communicate and collaborate because you can look directly at each other.

Improved productivity:

Remote participants are less distracted and can concentrate better on the meeting.

Find out how one of our customers is successfully using Microsoft Teams Front Row here.

Front Row alleen bij Microsoft Teams Rooms 

Front Row only with Microsoft Teams Rooms

The Front Row functionality only works with Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Microsoft Teams Rooms are dedicated rooms designed for holding virtual meetings with multiple participants. They are equipped with audio and video equipment, a touchscreen and a computer. With Teams Rooms, remote meeting participants can interactively collaborate.

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AVEX is a certified Microsoft Teams Room partner. We support organisations in successfully deploying various Microsoft Teams Rooms solutions. Not only do we deliver and install the products and software, we also provide training and adoption programmes. Together with you, we ensure that colleagues get the most out of these solutions.

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