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Simply Advanced Studio - Your own inhouse streaming studio

In this new virtual economy, many companies from various industries communicate via online video.
For 50, 150 to an infinite number of recipients of their message. Internally and externally. For employees, customers and partners.
Often a professional studio outside the home is used for this. But have you ever thought about communicating on site from your own inhouse studio?

AVEX brings this within reach with the Simply Advanced Studio concept. The communication of your message from your own professional studio. Suitable for simple settings for a quick one on one interview, as well as larger settings such as a full talk show. Quick and efficient. Entirely dependent on your message, the frequency of the number of broadcasts and of course the space. The concept is simple, flexible and modular and is completely adapted to your wishes.

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The concept

The Simply Advanced Studio concept has a basic installation with one or two cameras permanently installed, ideally suited for a large part of the broadcasts with interviews for one or two people.

The basic setting with a single camera is extremely suitable for “one touch” operation. With which the user starts the broadcast with one push of a button from a touch panel. A short user training after installation ensures that the operation by the users themselves runs smoothly.In case of a broadcast with more guests in the studio, we can expand your set for this occasion with temporary equipment that we connect to your basic installation. The installed infrastructure has already been set up for this, so that an expansion on site can be realized quickly. This way you always have the most ideal set at home.

In case of an elaborate setting, the broadcast is also supported by our professional AVEX studio technicians. Flexibility ensures multifunctional.

A composite Simply Advanced Studio installation consists of carefully selected high quality components. Also in the basic setting. Every broadcast is of high quality as standard.

Maximum flexibility

Only a fixed monthly rate is charged for the basic facilities. As needed, only extra equipment and added services are provided at a fixed rate per broadcast. The basic setting is specifically designed for these temporary expansion options at the same desired quality level.

As indicated, the entire studio facilities are offered as a service. This applies to both the basic setting and temporary extensions. AVEX not only provides control for more complex broadcasts, but is also fully responsible for the correct operation of the entire installation. Any defective equipment is immediately replaced so that it can always be turned on. If desired or necessary, support is also provided for a simple broadcast. User training is also part of the service.


The advantages of your own inhouse studio is that you have immediate access and can broadcast when you want.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Can be used immediately
  • Can be put together completely according to your own wishes and corporate identity
  • No valuable travel time for you and your team
  • Operational 24 hours a day
  • No external costs for location or studio rental
  • With AV-Flex, ons AV As-a-Service concept

Some advice on your own inhouse streaming studio concept?

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