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Maintenance and Support

Guarantee and service after installation


For all systems delivered, you have a factory warranty on parts during the 1st year. If you also want to agree on a guaranteed response time with us to follow up on a fault report, you can choose from 3 service levels. The service agreement also gives you more certainty in advance about the annual maintenance costs. We are happy to review with you which service package best suits your situation.

The important advantages of a maintenance contract:

→ A guaranteed response to defect reports within 24 or even 4 hours (depending on contract type).
→ Investigation of repairs and replacement equipment are included.
→ Management report and advice as regards both corrective and preventive maintenance.
→ Control over your management costs, providing transparency in budgeting and forecasting.

AVEX support agreements and support bundles

You have the additional option of subcontracting supplementary AV work to AVEX. For example, providing the content of your digital signage systems or the management of your roombooking system. Our Facility Support Desk is a professionally equipped control facility from which AVEX can arrange the remote control of your system content and audiovisual systems. The experts of AVEX are continuously available and offer direct support to the users of your system. You can conclude specific support contracts with AVEX for these remote services. An example is the support bundle, with which you purchase support hours, varying from 10, 20 or 50 hours. Based on an exact time registration, AVEX will keep you up-to-date on how many hours of support are still available in the bundle. Your account manager will be happy to inform you about the possibilities and the costs of this extra support.

Assurance, thanks to AVEX Technical Service

Our Technical Service staff remains at your disposal to provide technical support and address user queries. You can also report any malfunction that may occur to this department. AVEX will then provide online support or make an appointment with you for a visit by one of our service technicians.

A brief description of the malfunction handling procedure

If you report a malfunction to AVEX, then our service technician will call you by telephone to agree upon the subsequent steps to be taken. This may comprise online support, in which case our technician rectifies the malfunction of your system remotely. Or we may make an appointment with you for a visit by one of our service technicians to rectify the fault. During office hours, our reception desk will receive your call to report a malfunction, and shall transfer it to the service technician on call.

Outside office hours, however, your call will be automatically redirected to our Call Center. They make sure that one of our service technicians will contact you within 30 minutes to make arrangements for a suitable follow up.

Contact Information Technical Service