The key to a successful smart building is collaboration

Guest blog by Mapiq


Last week, we presented our very first white paper ‘Smart Building Ecosystems’ at the Worktech conference in Berlin.

The Edge Amsterdam

This international event perfectly captured the buzz around the future of the workplace; showcasing the newest and most cutting-edge technology, research and trends in the field. What an amazing feeling it was being surrounded by those eager to explore and advance the potential of the modern office. By the end of the conference, two things became perfectly clear to me: the smart building world is here to stay, and that Mapiq has a lot to offer to this thriving community.

While working on various projects with Mapiq over the past several years, it became increasingly apparent that something was missing in the process. A smart building cannot, and should not, be developed in isolation. We quickly realised that the adoption of a collaborative attitude towards its creation is essential.

In an ideal situation, distinct components such as parking, access management, facility management, WiFi, lighting and audio-video work seamlessly together. But in reality, this is not always the case. The key to seamless integration lies in the exploration and adoption of new, enriching partnerships. An open mind and willingness to work together with other groups, within an ecosystem, will ultimately determine how far we can go in this promising field.

With a holistic approach in mind, we began to take a look under the hood and delve into the relationships, interactions and roles that comprise the elaborate ecosystem of a smart building. We also took a deep dive into the processes and the software architecture necessary for this to happen.

The result is a comprehensive paper that brings together research and insights from Mapiq and partners based on years of collective experience. We touch upon the following subjects:

  • Traditional process vs. a smart process
  • The challenge of innovating together
  • The roles in the smart building ecosystem.
  • What kind of technology do you need? Uniting specialists.

If we are to realise the full potential of the Smart Building we must move towards a fully integrated, collaborative approach. Not only between technology and systems, but also between participants.

It’s all about connecting.

That is why ‘We Connect’ is a central theme for Mapiq that comes back in every layer of our branding, company and product. We connect people with buildings, systems to each other and our partners to us (and, of course, with one another) . Collaboration is part of our DNA and to us the most important component for the creation of a smart building.
‘Smart Building Ecosystems’ has been written in collaboration with AVEX, Vecos and Philips.