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User-centered innovation by future focussed collaboration

Anne Wernand, Behavioral Specialist at Mapiq


Last week, the Smart Workspace Design Summit (SWDS) invited designers, architects, facility management, and many others to share their views on what it takes to make a workspace smart, productive and efficient. We were at the summit with our partners to give you a sneak peek at the future of the workplace.

Only partnerships can create a real human-centric workplace

Developments have been made in flexible use and the sharing of space from flex- to activity based- to need-based working. These concepts utilize smart planning to maximize the efficiency of the building and its use, which should naturally revolve around helping its users to a successful workday.

The technology to convert any building into an intelligent system to support this exists. Yet to realise the full potential of a smart building, we need to think beyond the technology. The future of the smart building are inextricably bound to the relationships between systems and vendors in the network in which they coexist. This network consists of information flows – both technical and social – between and within companies.

Therefore, it is essential for us that we work together with like-minded companies. A joint mission in which the end-user is put central as the connecting factor. In companies as Ahrend, AVEX, Vecos, and Philips, we find that kind of partnership. These corporations are the foundation of creating one experience for the end-user and thus a key component for the office of the future.

The showcase

We were glad to show people the implications of this collaboration at our showcase. The smart desks of Ahrend, the Comfort Workstation, adjust to the users need and by outfitting the desks with Mapiq’s sensor, the occupancy can be monitored real-time. This occupancy data enables the Mapiq platform to show arriving workers the available desks in a building.

The Philips Lighting office lighting system offers an infrastructure that provides both high-quality and energy-efficient illumination as well as a high-bandwidth (PoE) communications. Combined with Mapiq’s smart building platform the lighting system informs users of the whereabouts of a colleague in the building, using their phone to pinpoint their exact location.

In our meeting room, the Microsoft Surface Hub of AVEX steals the show. Surface Hub aims to improve the way your people work together and help staff connect to people and information that can help them achieve better business outcomes. And of course, using Mapiq on the Surface Hub is easy as can be.

SMART Workspace Design Summit 2017