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AVEX becomes partner of the global presence alliance for the benelux


Breukelen, 8 February 2016 – AVEX audiovisual system integrator and service provider has joined the Global Presence Alliance as partner and exclusive member for the Benelux. The Global Presence Alliance is a select group of suppliers of audiovisual, videoconferencing and managed service solutions worldwide. By joining the Alliance it is possible for AVEX to work even more effectively for clients irrespective of geographical location.

Nowadays there is a growing number of organisations that build their foundations multinationally. Often organisations are searching regionally for a good audiovisual supplier that meets the quality standards required. AVEX can guarantee the quality for her customers abroad and serve them better by joining the GPA.

Speaking for the Global Presence Alliance, Board President Byron Tarry of Sharp’s AV (Canada) said “AVEX impressed from the outset with their alignment to the GPA. From their commitment to Managed Services, to their existing list of global enterprise customers, to their management team’s approach to the application process. They were the clear standouts in the region, and we are excited to welcome them to the GPA family”.

René Schaddelee, Director at AVEX: “By becoming a partner of the Alliance we can serve our clients that are based abroad better. We can connect them to a reliable GPA partner in almost every geographical location. The same applies that we are a known partner for multinationals with offices in the Benelux region. Through our GPA membership partner organisations abroad will be connected to AVEX, so it is not necessary for them to search for a professional audiovisual company in the Benelux. That saves time and money.”

The Global Presence Alliance brings together technology and services from around the world to enable new and existing customers a means of creating worldwide strategies to:

  • Increase efficiency through standardizing technology platforms
  • Improve communication and aid collaborative working through technology
  • Better utilize company assets
  • Reduce costs through global purchasing agreements
  • Ease expansion into new territories

About AVEX

AVEX supplies audiovisual solutions for the professional market. As an audiovisual specialist, AVEX provides a wide range of tailor-made rooms. More than 170 employees work each and every day on the development and installation of advanced solutions for, among other things, conference rooms, lecture rooms, congress rooms, medical rooms, courtrooms and control rooms. AVEX offers a comprehensive approach based on design, installation, maintenance and management. In addition to permanent systems, AVEX also provides all kinds of audiovisual support during events. In the past 27 years AVEX has built up a broad customer base. Although the company works using proven technology, its extensive portfolio of services also make it a leader in specific sectors offering innovative solutions. AVEX has branches in the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK.

About the Global Presence Alliance

The Global Presence Alliance provides a streamlined, consistent approach to the deployment of audiovisual and videoconferencing technology on a global basis. The GPA is largest AV systems integration provider in the world. Combined it consists of 20 leading AV integration firms with 170 offices in 36 countries. GPA customers include many top financial, technology and industrial corporations. Consisting of a framework of industry expertise, the Alliance is committed to sharing best practices to guarantee customer experience regardless of location. The Alliance will provide a sole-source solutions approach to a global audio and video systems integration by providing greater simplicity through a consolidated service operation. Customers will receive increased gains in operational efficiency by having a single global contact for design, engineering, integration and ongoing maintenance of their technology systems.