Trade & Industry

Improved experience, more efficient conferencing and better use of space. Audiovisual solutions contribute towards making your business operations ready for the future.


How do you make your customers feel welcome? And how do you direct guests to their destination? Thanks to audiovisual solutions, it is possible to make great first impression on people as they enter your building. To create the experience of your choice. And to show them what the company stands for.

Previously neglected, the flexible and efficient use of space has evolved into an operational factor of importance. Office environments and industrial halls must be designed with the optimal use of space in mind. So that working processes can proceeds smoothly and more efficient use can be made of energy.


Technology makes the world smaller. Contact with partners and colleagues all over the world is becoming the rule rather than the exception. This logically leads to the wish to use compatible systems. After all, uniformity in terms of quality and convenience has a positive impact on working processes.

As part of the international Global Presence Alliance, AVEX supports a uniform quality and efficient service. Wherever in the world.


AVEX inspires companies and guides organisations in the world of audiovisual solutions. Solutions that all contribute to more efficient operating processes and enable companies to distinguish themselves from their competitors.