Public Order & Safety

Digitisation is all around us. New technologies make the work environment more effective and efficient. Both for professionals and citizens.


Briefing multiple sub locations from one main location. Using digital recordings and archiving. The possibility of filing virtual reports at locations that are closed or have limited staffing.

The Dutch police force is continuously optimising its operating processes. By making increasing use of audiovisual solutions, tasks can be performed more effectively, while at the same time reducing the need for physical travel.


The judiciary is also caught up in the digital revolution. Videos and audio fragments are increasingly being used as important evidence in court. In order to enable a fair opinion, optimal image and sound reproduction is of course vital.

Moreover, digital solutions can significantly contribute towards a modern and efficient judicial process. The digital storage of files make it much easier to search and find specific information. All the more so in case of the large dossiers. Moreover, this greatly reduces the risk of data loss.


AVEX designs valuable audiovisual solutions for the police and judiciary. We understand that optimal innovation can only be realised by combining quality and convenience of use.