Safe and efficient communication with citizens, companies, partners and colleagues. Audiovisual aids for a digital and open government.


Governments are placing ever more value in a good relationship with citizens, companies and partners. New technological and audiovisual resources can help them realise this.

The possibility of digital appointments and consultations. Making waiting time more pleasant. To quickly and simply give people directions to where they have to go. And for the live broadcast and recording of meetings, so that you can watch them at your convenience.

Live webcasting and digital filing save governments time and money. Meeting and cooperating with people at other locations can now take place anywhere in the world. What’s more, the digital exchange of documents saves a lot of money.


Internally, organisations are striving to improve communications between colleagues. How do you enable them to see one another clearly? That everyone can be properly understood? That people can easily gain remote access in order to participate? And also very important: how do we realise a safe digital environment?

AVEX understands the challenges facing municipalities, ministries and government departments. As system integrator, we advise and provide continuous service in the transition to an digital and open government.